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Posted: December 04, 2015

Kids these days are facing a lot of difficult challenges. Here at Karate Atlanta, we are able to help children work through these issues in strong but subtle ways. Through the use of self-discipline and encouragement, we can help change the negative perspective of your child. Below, we have explained some of the inner-messages most children are getting and how they can be changed to positive messages.


I Am Weak

There are a million and one voices out there telling your child they are weak, ugly, stupid, or just simply not enough. As much as you hate this reality, it doesn’t change the fact that these voices are bombarding your child all the time from many different sources.

Karate classes for kids are designed to help stifle these negative voices, and change the perspective of your child to something different. We have seen it again and again. Kids come in feeling incapable of anything, but as they work and grow and learn, they find that they have a lot more strength and power than they realized.

Taekwondo action by a asian cute boy, isolate on white background

I Can’t Change Anything

This is a very dangerous message for anyone to give into, but it is especially harmful for children. With so much going on in the world, we want the rising generations to know that they have great power for good. This is a strong message we try to teach in our classes. As they learn to control their thoughts, and as they realize that great changes that come from small actions, your child will learn that they can do a lot to change things in the world.

I Am Entitled

The younger generation has a well-earned reputation for having strong feelings of entitlement. The idea that kids deserve to have what they want without any effort on their part or even any gratitude to show for those who gave them those things is dangerous, and can be obnoxious.

Fortunately, martial arts classes can help with this. If you have a child who tends to think that they’re entitled to everything they want, then send them to a karate course. They will quickly learn that nothing comes easy in this setting. Hard work is required, and praise is only given when deserved. As your child sees the joy that comes from working hard to obtain a goal, they will learn some important lessons about entitlement. This is the kind of perspective change that can benefit your child in many different facets of life.